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Joel Calley lives in King City with his boyfriend Matt Gein. Although his profession is still unknown, he is occasionally seen working for Immelcorp.

A dominant and sadistic character, he bends and corrupts people for his amusement. He has a deep submissive streak, though, and with enough pressure can be broken and humiliated.


Species Wolf
Gender Male
Height 5ft 6in
Cock 5.5in
Role Switch
Fetish Domains
Smoking/Forced Addiction
Mind Control/Hypnosis
Astral Body (Moderate)
Hypnosis (Moderate)
Signature Styles
Music Metal, Rock
Accessories Black studded collar/cuffs
Scent Smoke, Burnt Wood

AI Virus Form

Joel convinced or coerced Petra into creating an A.I. virus inspired by his image, made to look more demonic. It is unclear yet if this virus is a separate entity or an expression of Joel's will onto cyberspace.

Character Background

Joel originated in the webcomic Concession as one of the starring characters. His character in the comic was a lot more depressive and overtly evil; in the realm of more fun porn, he's less of an evil manipulator and more of a dominant sexual object.

Art by NateDay

Joel's virus form
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