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King City

King City, casually called Kink City by many residents, is a large metropolitan city. It is a corporate owned city, with sex toy and tech company Immelcorp owning all property and most banks of the city. The influence of this buyout and the proximity to many of Immelcorp's production factories and testing labs have created a city-wide atmosphere of liberal sexuality and frequent, open fetish content.


ancient history of a river trading post

immelcorp buyout

Geography and Culture

The city is located in the wide Naihara River valley. To the south is the coastal city of Rockport, where the Naihara River empties into the South Sea and the home of Rockport International Airport. To the west is the large agricultural town of Eureka Springs.


  • Middlebrook, a suburban area.
  • King's Hill, a business district, now the home of the Immelcorp HQ tower.
  • Starton, an upperclass area with high-income apartments and many shopping areas. This area includes King City's large Star Mall.
  • Vinewood, including a small forest reserve and the Naihara Hydro-Electric Dam.
  • Keanway, a long neighborhood along the river, featuring Bright Park.
  • Cordalia, a heavily industrialized area featuring many factories.


  • Immelcorp, the corporate owner of all King City property. King City hosts the Immelcorp HQ.
  • Varo Robotics owns several factories in King City and is the second largest employer in the city, behind Immelcorp. Their corporate HQ is in Rockport.
  • Opal Genetics, a major genetic research and chemical production company, has several chemical plants and research stations in or around King City.
  • Golden Sands Gym, an Egyptian themed gym run by Zamonth.
  • The Crystal Fitness Center, a gym for people who don't actually want weird fetish shit to happen to them while they're trying to work out.
  • Hotline Hotel, who offers sex- and fetish-themed rooms.
  • Angie's Bakery, run by Angie.
  • Indigo Lakeside, a five star restaurant in Keanway district
  • Kingley's Midnight Club, a gay bar and night club in Starton.
  • Ruby Rod Entertainment, a gay porn entertainment company.


King City has four teams in the country's major sports leagues and has won several championship titles. Most of these victories are won by the baseball team King City Sunspots. The soccer team King City Bandits and basketball team King City Banshees also draw considerable crowds and press. The King City Machinists, their hockey team, draws a much smaller crowds but has a very dedicated core fanbase.

Although King City hosts no major league football team, Naihara Valley University's Arrowheads are a high ranking team in the college football league.

Brands Unique to the King City Setting

Ion Soda, an alchemical soft drink company whose drinks allow for temporary limited transformation.

Orcahol, an expensive liquor distilled underwater by a killer-whale civilization. It is rumored that varieties only available in the area have strange properties that affect the mind or body of the drinker.

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