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Some species in the King City world have special variants and specific connotations to them. Of course, not all examples of these species in the world are subject to these rules, as there are many off-world visitors.


Most gryphons in this world are far-removed ancestors of a very ancient race of elves which were native to the world's southern continents. This makes gryphons a mildly magical race, although most that magic is diminished to the point of uselessness. Some gryphons maintain enough of this magic to be able to revert to a more 'pure' elf form; it is not entirely known how this happens.


The specific dragons native to the realm of King City are a very old and exotic alien race. There is great variety in their anatomy, but they are characterized by their smooth skin, long pointed ears, and webbed digits; a four-limbed body plan is more common than the more cliche six-limbed plan with wings, but both are possible.

These dragons have psychic powers, often of incredible intensity; this intensity often gets stronger with time over the dragon's exceedingly long lifespan. This psychic power manifest as a type of energy. Often it is styled as a more traditional element such as fire, smoke, or electricity, but many dragons can manifest their energy in more abstract or exotic methods such as void or memory.

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