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Alaire LeVasseur is a chef living in King City, working at the Indigo Lakeside restaurant. He was born in the southern city of Rockport where his three older sisters and one younger brother still live.

His spare time is often spent indulging in full ABDL lifestyle. At some point, he was castrated willingly (though under strong sexual pressure).


Species Kitsune
Gender Male
Height 5ft 2in
Cock 4.75in
Role Sub
Fetish Domains
Weight Gain (Feeder)
Pet Play
Age Regression
Cooking (Professional)
Signature Styles
Music Rap, Rock
Accessories Purple handkerchief
Scent Oranges

Character Background

Alaire was originally designed by CrownedVictory and bought as an adoptable.

Art by Brevity

Art by CrownedVictory

Art by QuetzaDrake
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