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Calvin is a chef at King City's 5-star restaurant Indigo Lakeside.

He is particularly trained in integrating alchemy with cooking, allowing him to create food with a wide array of transforming or mental effects. This is most frequently done to create food with healing properties.

When off the job, Calvin spends a lot of time in the gym or sparring. He is a skilled physical combatant and has been scolded on numerous occasions for his vigilante justice.


Species Crocodile
Gender Male
Height 7ft 10in
Cock 15in
Role Dom
Fetish Domains
Weight Gain
Melee Combat (Master)
Cooking (Professional)
Alchemy (Professional)

Character Background

Calvin was created for a Pathfinder campaign, where his was darker and his motivations were more overtly flavored with hubris. He is currently a level 13 Monk.

Art by charlienax

Art by Skellertom

Art by Raccoon21

Art by ZerOlativity

Art by Kaptain_spicy

Art by Zippers
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