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Carrie Fiore is a highly trained (and unlicensed) surgeon and owner of the eponymous Carrie's Tattoo and Bodymod Dungeon in King City. She and her staff offer a wide range of body mods, ranging from tattoos and piercings to more extreme (and barely legal) practices such as castration and amputation.


Species Fox
Gender Female
Height 5ft 9in
Cock 5.5in
Role Dom
Fetish Domains
Surgical Transformation
Surgical Training (Professional)

She also owns a BDSM club, which she frequently visits in her spare time to dominate patrons (and convince some to visit her bodymod dungeon for some “improvements”).

Carrie graduated medical school and worked two years as a plastic surgeon before being disbarred for “unethical practices” (mostly related to a series of castrations done to willing patience without first going through the proper bureaucracy). It is only due to lax laws of King City that she was able to open her bodymod business.

Character Background

Carrie first appeared in Concession as a randomly-generated background character. She also owned a tattoo and piercing shop in the comic and appeared in several strips at this location.

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