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Immelcorp is a sex toy and technology development company. Its reach is world-wide but its corporate headquarters is in King City.


Immelcorp has its origins in a now defunct government program tasked with the categorization and analysis of strange objects and artifacts found along the country. Once disbanded, a former agent stole several unusual objects, the research of which lead to the creation of several new technologies. Most importantly, a sort of animate liquid latex was able to be created and duplicated. Besides its obvious use in medical technology, this development allowed this agent to start a new company based on sex toys and costumes.

The core of this technology and the original nature of its duplication relied on a host, a wolfrabbit named Immelmann. In exchange for the arduous process of research and material harvest, the wolfrabbit was given large stock in the company, and thus, the company was named Immelcorp.

Over time, the company's worth and influence grew as it acquired smaller tech companies and expanded into other fields. Several hostile corporate takeovers eventually gave Immelcorp a monopoly over several technology industries.



Immelcorp's most famous products are its drones. Original models were advanced androids designed for service and obedience but later developments saw the conversion of living people into drones.


Immelcorp's first major development was a line of advanced suits, including fursuits and full body rubber suits, which allowed for an unprecedented level of realism with costumes. Many models eventually featured the ability to effect the mind of its wearer, and some models were fully sentient on their own.


An early acquisition of an alchemical company gave Immelcorp a large array of potions which allowed for transformation, mind control, etc.

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