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Varo Robotics

Varo Robotics is a company that develops advanced robotics and AI.

Once considered a partner company to Immelcorp, which used Varo technology extensively in early models of their drones, their continued practice of war profiteering with the production of military robots has caused Immelcorp to cut all ties with the company.

Android Series

1st Generation

The first generation of Varo androids were simple automatons, often relying on wheels or track movement. These androids saw wide use in factory assembly and many were used in extraplanatary missions. The virtual intelligence was a huge advancement at the time, capable of complex problem solving.

2nd Generation

Once Varo fully developed androids capable of bipedal, humanoid-like locomotion, the 2nd generation of androids began production. With a more advanced computer capable of realistic conversation, these androids began to see use in the private sector.

It was the 2nd generation that inspired Immelcorp's original line of drones. A collaboration between the two companies produced “smart” sex dolls, fully sexually functional, mobile, and capable of basic conversation and understanding of user's needs.

3rd Generation

By far the most common and financially successful generation, 3rd generation androids were the first to achieve what is regarded as “true” artificial intelligence. Their modular design allowed a great diversification into different uses.


Varo's 3d generation of android saw the company enter into contracts with the military, and several squads of A-Type androids were produced for direct use in anti-personnel combat.


B-Type androids are intended for industrial use, including construction and work in hazardous and radioactive areas. This line includes some of the largest robots ever produced by Varo, with a line of large scale construction androids which housed advanced 3d printers.


With the arrival of true A.I., numerous android entities were starting to be considered citizens and “people”. Thus, a line of android frames were created to be the most personable and social of all androids, and this C-Type model was the one known to slowly integrate into society. Originally designed for social work and public relations, this model of android saw presence in many professions and even art. Examples: Stephan


After the dissolution of the Immelcorp deal for sex drones, D-Type models were produced to compete with the competitor's rubber drone series. This model was very similar to the C-Type frames but with their purpose and functions with a more obvious intent.

4th Generation

The newest model of Varo androids see a complete overhaul of the mechanics, with hydraulics and joints replaced with a more fluid and “organic” system of muscle-like ferrofluid tubes. These new models are considered more durable and are capable of much greater strength, but lack some of the speed and precision offered in the 3rd generation models.

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