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King City Characters

Characters available for use in porn projects, existing in the same world as Immelcorp and living in or around King City.

The King City setting is a melting pot of genres, a large city where magic, psychic powers, and futuristic technology combine and clash. It features ideas and characters from different worlds, most noticeably the webcomic Concession.

All characters have similar “stat” blocks with basic information. Fetish Domains represent the art topics for which the character is most suitable. The listed Skills are special powers the character possesses; please see the Skills and Traits page for explanation.

Although ages are kept vague for most characters, everyone on this page is at least 18 years or older.

Non-Canon Characters

These characters are available for use in art but aren't considered part of the King City world.


These characters no longer belong to Rebecca and are unavailable.

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