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Tyras is a Systems Administrator for Immelcorp and brother of Marigold. He is a skilled computer technician and hacker, and spends a lot of his time gaming (often using custom built fight sticks or racing game rigs).

He now dates Raveena, a relationship which started with long term romantic hypnosis but eventually lead into legitimate affection.


Species Pikachu
Gender Male
Height 5ft 4in
Cock 10in*
Role Sub
Hacking (Master)

*after alchemical influence

Signature Styles
Music Electronica, Chiptune
Accessories Lightball
Scent Cinnamon

Character Background

Tyras was created as a familiar for Immelmann at the start of the comic Concession, where he occasionally appeared. He later appeared in the personal comic, At the Heart of it All, as an analogue for a therapist. He would later have a brief appearance in Ballerina Mafia as a timeline technician.

Art by BestTrashKing

Tyras over a year after meeting Raveena.
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